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Lindsay Hollister is the BEST!!!!!


Here are some excerpts taken from the bio provided by Lindsay Hollister:

Lindsay Anne Hollister was born June 3rd, 1980 in Columbus, Ohio, and raised in Pickerington, a suburb of Columbus. Lindsay graduated from Pickerington HS after having first tasted the acting bug her sophomore year when she played the role "Cookie" in Neil Simon's "Rumors".

Lindsay spent six weeks in New York enrolled in the summer program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and later spent three months at the Barter Theater in Virginia, acting in the First Light Theatre Company for Young Adults and working on the crew for the mainstage company.

After moving to Los Angeles, her agent sent her in for the role of Christine on the new David E. Kelley one-hour drama, "Boston Public". She walked away with the part, along with automatic membership into the Screen Actors Guild. . . .

Two weeks after finishing filming on the first episode, Lindsay got the call that she was in the script for another episode of the show. In the end, Christine Banks was a major story line in three episodes. Boston Public opened many doors for Lindsay after the first two shows aired in early 2001.

Lindsay went on to join the cast of the popular daytime drama "Days of Our Lives", playing the role of high school student Susan Adamson.  She continues to work regularly on Guest Starring roles on such hit shows as "Joan of Arcadia", "Law & Order:  SVU", "ER", "Nip/Tuck", and "Strong Medicine", to name a few.  She also has appeared in a number of films, most recently playing a part in "A Cinderella Story", starring Hilary Duff.

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